Your kid’s doctor and a sore throat

Your kid’s doctor also called a pediatrician believes that sore throats are one of the common illnesses in children and may be painful. However, sometimes, an inflammatory disease that causes sore throat doesn’t need antibiotics. And in those cases, no specific medicine is required, your child should feel better in 7 to 10 days. In other cases, the throat pain may be caused by an inflammatory disease called streptococcal (strep throat). And in this case, a lab test needs to be conducted.

Sore throat strep test

Your kid’s doctors do not diagnose strep by simply looking at the throat. They carry out a lab test, which includes a quick swab of the throat to confirm the diagnosis of strep. If the result is positive, your kid’s doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Your child must take the antibiotic as prescribed, even if the symptoms get better or go away.

Sore throat for babies and Toddlers

Your kid’s doctors often say that babies and toddlers rarely get this illness. However, your baby is more likely to become infected by streptococcus bacteria if he/she is in child care or if an older sibling has the illness. Although strep spreads mainly through coughs and sneezes, your child can also get it by touching a toy that an infected child has played with.

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