Kids doctorsKids doctors recommend talking to your baby a lot

Studies show that making sure your child hears lots of words in the first three years of his or her life will help increase his or her intelligence and chance of academic success, so kids doctors recommend that both parents speak and interact with their babies as much as time allows. When in doubt, read to him or her — this will increase the number of words he or she picks up.

The first thing babies learn to pick up on is your mood. Later on, he or she learns to understand what you are saying before he or she can speak clearly. Encourage your baby to communicate with you by paying attention, smiling and responding. Try to make a conversation out of it. Imitate the noises, gestures and facial expressions your baby makes.

When you feed your baby, change his or her diapers, and give him or her a bath, talk about what you are doing. This will help your baby learn the words associated with these activities. When you talk with your kids doctor, ask if there is any sign of hearing troubles or delayed speech development.

Putting on a show for baby

Babies are born eavesdroppers, and listen to what people are saying around them as much if not more than they listen to what people are saying to them. If you are in a two-parent family, you can use this to teach a few lessons early by putting on very short performances in front of your baby. Have one parent stand at a distance, the other parent say “come here, please,” the first parent come over and stand next to the second parent, and the second parent smile and say “thank you.” Or have one parent hold something, the other parent say “may I have that, please?” When the first parent hands it over, the second parent can smile and say “thank you.” Months later, when your baby is big enough to start toddling off in random directions or grabbing hold of things you would rather he or she not have, you will have an easy way to give instructions that he or she understands and stands a reasonable chance of obeying.

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