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Kids doctor suggest you let your kids play outside

Kids doctors recommend you give your children a chance to play outside. The dangers are grossly overhyped, and the health benefits are greatly understated.

For example, studies have shown that children who play outside are more active and creative, less aggressive and better able to concentrate. They also have better vision and less chance of nearsightedness.Being outside raises vitamin D, creating an important health boost. It alsoreduces stress and may reduce ADHD symptoms.

Even when taking their child outside, the instinct of many modern parents is to make sure thatchild is doing something — T-ball, Scout activities, swimming lessons. But the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends sixty minutes of unstructured free play every day. If opportunities for outdoor recreation are limited in your area, you should try to go on short walks with your child after dinner and plan family trips to a park. With childhood obesity such an epidemic, the chance to give your children exercise in a pleasant environment should not be passed up.

How kids doctors recommend you apply sunscreen, bug repellent

In a place like Gastonia, NC, it is a good idea to wear sunscreen when going outside, and mosquito repellent may also help. Make sure all exposed skin is fully covered, including skin under movable bathing suit straps. Kids doctors recommend you reapply it once every 80 minutes, especially if your child is doing any swimming.Kids doctors suggest applying sunscreen before mosquito repellent, because sunscreen is meant to soak into the outer layer of the skin while mosquito repellent is meant to stay on the outside of the skin.

Choosing the right kids doctor

When looking for a kids doctor, start by asking family and friends for pediatric references. If you are new to a neighborhood, look at the website of your insurance company for recommended pediatricians. Check the credentials of any pediatrician you are interested in.

Look for a pediatrician who answers all your questions openly, and who you can reach at any time during an emergency, not just during office hours. Above all, this should be someone that both you and your child have a personal rapport with.

A childrens clinic in Gastonia, NC

Gastonia Pediatric Associates is a childrens clinic conveniently located west of Charlotte.It is one of the first medical practices for children in the Gastonia area, has served three generations of families with personalized care and offers medical advice for parents 24 hours a day. Its staff includes three physicians and three nursing staff. Gastonia Pediatrics is owned and directed by its own physicians. If you need a childrens doctor, call today.