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Kids doctor talking to teens

Kids doctor isn’t just a pediatrician- he or she is a source of information to your child or teen. Teens sometimes have health issues they need to discuss. The main piece of advice any kids doctor will give you, when it comes to talking to your teenage son or daughter about anything involving health, is to be the grownup. This does not necessarily mean asserting your authority. If the situation calls for some control, start with yourself. If your son or daughter comes to you for advice, do not panic. If your son or daughter sounds nervous about it, do not panic. Even if your son or daughter is already panicking, do not panic, but you should also try not to sound complacent or oblivious. Now more than ever, your son or daughter in Gastonia, NC needs someone who is centered, calm and alert.

Being the grownup also means, under less extreme circumstances, not trying too hard to sound cool or with it. This sort of thing only ever results in cringing, and creates the impression that you are in need of their approval at the very moment when they might be trying to defer to your judgment. It also means not always agreeing with every expression of emotion, especially those that are most likely to be transitory.

More advice on talking to teens about health

Teenagers are often defensive about their choices. The best way to deal with defensiveness is not to attack. Kids doctors recommend you resist the urge to make things personal. If you are concerned that your son or daughter weighs too much or too little, do not frame the discussion in terms of their weight. Talk instead about healthy eating habits and exercise. Above all, do not lecture. If you cannot get your point across in thirty seconds, taking ten minutes to do it will not help.

Talking to teenagers about health is more of an art than a science. It is especially hard for parents, since it is at precisely this age that teens are most driven to resist the authority of their parents. At the same time, however, teens are in need of advice from those who are older and more experienced, even if they would rather not admit it. Look for a kids doctor in your area who can listen to your son or daughter and help him or her open up about what he or she is going through.

A kids doctor in Gastonia, NC

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