Top pediatricians are children doctors, they have deep and broad knowledge on childhood illnesses and know how to easily relate with children and treat them.

Caring for Your Child’s Cold or Flu

Pediatricians often say that there’s no cure for the common cold. Antibiotics may be used to fight bacterial infections, but they do not affect viruses. And The best thing you can do is to make your child comfortable. Make sure your child gets extra rest and drinks water or other liquids.

Your pediatrician may want to see your child or ask you to watch him or her closely and report back if things do not get better each day or are not all better after one week.

Top pediatricians’ tips for a child’s stuffy nose:

Your pediatrician will advise you on the best practice to help ease your child’s stuffy nose. However, below are 3 tips to help you:

  • Nose drops or spray 

Use saltwater (saline) nose drops (1 to 2 drops in each opening of the nose or spray (1 to 2 sprays in each opening of the nostril.

For infants, use a rubber suction bulb to suck out the extra drops or spray.

  • Humidifier

Put a cool-mist humidifier in your child’s room to help the liquid that is making her nose stuffy thinner, so it is easier for your child to breathe. Put the humidifier close to your child (but safely out of your child’s reach. Ensure to carefully clean and dry the humidifier every day to stop bacteria or mold from growing; bacteria and mold can make your child sick. Do not use hot-water vaporizers because the hot water can burn your child.

Pediatric tips for your child’s cough

  • Honey

Pediatricians advise not to give honey to babies under one year because it is not safe.

For children ages 1 to 5 years: Try half a teaspoon.

For children ages 6 to 11: Try one teaspoon.

For children 12 or older: Try two teaspoons.

  • Cough drops or lozenges

Consider giving cough drops or lozenges to children from 4 and older. Do not give cough drops or lozenges to a child younger than 4 years because these medications could choke them. Also, always follow the prescription, do not give your child more cough drops than instructed.

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