Top pediatric doctors say that creating a healthy diet for your child is one of the safest ways to develop your child’s intellectual abilities fast.  Growing kids are majorly influenced by what they eat. Food not only affects their physical health but also their mental health. For example, children who take a lot of sugar or sugary foods are prone to being hyperactive, and this can affect the way they think.

According to Wikipedia, diet refers to the sum of food consumed by a person – child or adult. A balanced diet gives your body all it needs to function effectively. Ever heard of the saying that says “what you eat today affects who you become tomorrow.” That statement is true and even tried for kids.

For children, healthy nutrition doesn’t just affect their body, but their mental health as well. There are specific foods that contain some necessary vitamins and minerals a child would need in order to grow.

Deficiency in these vitamins and minerals could lead to stunted growth, jaundice, slow metabolism, inability to understand things like his/her peers, and so on. But top pediatric doctors have revealed that it is not proven that an irregular diet can cause an eating disorder.

How diet is important to the body

Top pediatric doctors explain to parents that a child’s immune system is not as strong as an adult’s. This is why it is important to create healthy food for kids. They say that in order for children to perform effectively, certain foods should be included in their diet. These foods include vegetables like spinach and broccoli, proteins like fish, eggs, and nuts. The vitamins in these healthy foods help the child’s immune system fight off diseases and harmful bacteria.

Top pediatricians say that including a good amount of protein in a child’s meal helps protect the brain from declining mental skills, and memory loss. This is because proteins, like fish, contain vitamin D and Omega 3. The best types of fish protein are sardines, tuna, and salmon. These foods are important because they support the immune system in the body against diseases.

Healthy nutrition for children

Top pediatric doctors help parents draft out a healthy diet plan for their children. They help the parents know just the right number of calories to feed their children.

When creating a balanced diet food chart for your child, make sure to include:

  • For breakfast: Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, cheese, chicken or beef, fruity cereals
  • For lunch: More fruits and vegetables, A turkey sandwich with lettuce and lean meat
  • For dinner: broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, beef or fish.

These would help them to maintain a healthy weight, stabilize their moods, sharpen their minds, and avoid a variety of health problems.

Bonus tip: Do not allow your children to overeat. Give them the right portions they can sustain. Overeating makes a child overweight, especially when his activity level is lesser than the energy consumed.

Note: You do not have to follow this chart. These are just suggestions and guidelines to follow when creating a healthy diet chart for your children. For better and professional advice, consult your local pediatrician.

Top pediatric doctors in Gastonia NC

Confused about the right balanced diet to give your children? Or maybe you need more information about kids’ nutrition? Not to worry, pediatricians are always available to help you draft out a healthy and effective nutritious diet for your growing child.

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