How bad are head lice in children?

A pediatric practice sees children of all ages, for all manner of ailments. One of the more common being head lice outbursts in the local Gastonia NC schools as these are easily and quickly spread around.

A child from your kid’s school is infested and your child is then exposed. This never seems fair because of the stigma behind lice makes it a huge inconvenience. One thing to note is that a lice infestation has nothing to do with how clean a person is. Head lice infestations in the US totals around 12 million per year, so it is a common occurrence.

There is nothing for parents to worry about because it is not serious and you can treat this at home before you need to head off to the local Charlotte NC pediatric practice.

How do head lice breed in Gastonia NC?

In the local pediatric practice, the child’s doctor may explain that lice feed on small drops of blood on the scalp. Without this food source, lice can only last about a day. Lice do not crawl for days because they cannot. They will lay eggs near the scalp and live for about 28 days.

Lice multiply rapidly and lay up to 10 eggs a day. Once they hatch, it takes 2 days to reach adulthood. This cycle is repeated every 3 weeks if they are not undergoing any treatment. Head lice can only survive one day when they are away from the scalp at room temperature.

Eggs cannot hatch at low temperatures when away from scalp heat. When they fall from your child’s head, they are no longer a threat. Head lice spread through personal contact because they can only crawl and not fly.

Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC prescribes over-the-counter products

For the most part, the best treatments for head lice are over-the-counter and user-friendly. When used according to label directions, the FDA classifies over-the-counter products as safe. There are three main ingredients they use to treat head lice: Permethrin, which is most often found in the over-the-counter product Nix, or Piperonyl Butoxide and Pyrethrum Extract.

For each product, there are specific instructions. For instance, does the hair need to be shampooed first or does it require dry hair? They also advise the age a child should be to use these products on the scalp.

Seeking lice advice in Gastonia NC

If you have a child who was exposed to head lice, there is absolutely no cause to panic. You can safely use over-the-counter products, but if you’re not sure, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and schedule your child’s visit to your child’s doctor.

While you may have over-the-counter products to use following your visit to the pediatric practice, you will find the safest and best treatment tips for your child.