When do I call the local pediatric clinic?

A pediatric practice in Gastonia NC has a flow of children who pass through their clinic doors. Many of turn out to be false alarms because of over cautious parents who have concerns over their children’s welfare.

Every parent has instincts of how sick their child is, yet there some key areas where signs may present themselves. Thoughts, breathing and urination. If you are unsure, you are seeing new symptoms, or not. Read on for some useful advice in these three areas.

Breathing issues which may need a trip to the pediatric practice  

Breathing is easy to perform for anyone. When you remove your child’s clothing and observe, it can be hard to tell if they are breathing at all. Normal breathing is stress free and doesn’t involve effort. If children suffer from conditions like asthma, pneumonia, or any other conditions, which may cause shortness of breath, their breathing becomes harder.

Now it needs the movement of chest muscles. As a result, the ribs protrude with each breath. The chest moves a lot, as can babies’ bellies. Add to this, the nostrils widen in an attempt to take in more oxygen.

Children who are old enough to speak may have trouble with speech from shortness of breath. All the foregoing signs indicate that a child needs medical attention. At any point during the day, a pediatrician from Gastonia Pediatrics in Gastonia NC is on hand for kids with this condition.

Gastonia NC pediatric practice and kid’s mental states

This is applicable to the mental or emotional state of the child. In general, children acknowledge the parents’ attendance and are comforted by their presence. They are comforted easily when supported, rocked, and massaged. They are mindful of where they are and they make perfect sense when they speak.

A change in mental status, whether due to deprivation of oxygen or shortness of breath, pain, or a serious infection, will make the child feel inconsolable. They may fail to recognize their parents or may not know where they are. Rather than calming down, a child may cry louder when you rock them.

Children may look disoriented or simply too slow to wake up. Being overly combative can be a sign of insufficient oxygen. For an infant, extreme distress can also cause all of these symptoms and make parents rush them to the pediatric practice.

Gastonia NC pediatric clinic is here to help

Although there are many false alarms that the local pediatric clinic staff see, it is best to be cautious. This is particularly true when respiration is a cause for concern because of damage caused by lack of oxygen.

If you have any worries about your child, you can easily contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and they will give your child a quick check-up. They can also offer many tips on what you may want to look for in terms of your child’s breathing or mental state.

Your pediatric practice is there to assist and cares as about your child’s well-being as any proud parent would.