How can I keep my family healthy and safe during the summer?

Pediatrics in Gastonia, NC

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Pediatrics doesn’t stop when vacation time arrives, and although lazy summer days are practically here, and families are looking forward to another end of school. Before we know it, warmer weather is here and every family’s summer plans will be all the go.

Keeping families safe in this time of year means plenty of sunscreens, lots of water and fending off all the bugs. Summer is also a chance to ditch the gadgets and get outside, and with this, lots of healthy eating rather than snacking away the summer.

Keep well lubricated in the Gastonia NC summer

We all know the sun is stronger at this time of the year and risks everyone being burned, this is more so with kids. Kids need just only severe sunburn, which can lead to a later melanoma. Lubricate children frequently with SPF 15-30 as a minimum. Be sure the bottles read they contain UVA and UVB on the label.

This means you can be well covered against both kinds of harmful sunrays. One of the most common pediatrics problems in summer for kids is sunburn.

Make sure everyone hydrates in the family

Gastonia Pediatrics always advise every member of a family hydrates throughout the day sufficiently. The body loses salt at a rapid rate when kids are being active. Make sure there is plenty of water and sports drinks to replace these salts quickly.

Pediatrics clinics can be over run when local kids have heat exhaustion or they are dehydrated. If any child looks flushed, they should be taken indoors out of the sun.

Gastonia NC Pediatrics clinics always tend to bug bites

Some biting insects can carry infections. Be sure you use insect repellent on every family member over 2 months old.

DEET is effective and you can use it in concentrations of 10-30%. It is the main way to keep some viruses away. Picaridin is another alternative as is lemon eucalyptus oil. This is suitable for children 3 years or older.

Healthy eating is a common piece of pediatrics advice

Summer is the time for wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables. This is the ideal time to get children eating new and exciting fruits and vegetables. Keeping lots of fresh fruit handy and crisp vegetarian sticks there instead of candy or other non-healthy snacks.

Gastonia NC pediatricians advise having fun over the summer

While pediatrics is there to tend for children, advice can sometimes appear to dampen the fun side of things. However, this is far from their intention. Parents do need some common sense and making contact with Gastonia Pediatric Associates can put many parents’ minds at ease how they approach the summer.

With a quick conversation, the professional staff will advise on the best ways to treat all manner of summer symptoms their children will face.