Pediatrics experts on talking to children who need surgery

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Part of pediatrics is knowing when a child is going to need surgery. If your child does need surgery, this will be done by a surgeon rather than your pediatrician – and since the surgeon is likely to be a stranger and the hospital where it happens will be an unfamiliar environment, this will be a deeply frightening event for a child who is already going through whatever the medical problem is. Even adults are scared of having to go through surgery. It’s much worse for a child, especially since his or her parents aren’t going to be in the room at the time.

This is where pediatrics experts come in handy. Part of pediatrics is learning to establish a connection with a child, so that he or she regards the doctor as a trusted friend. A pediatrician can explain what’s going to happen in such a way that the child will, at the very least, find the experience of surgery less traumatizing. A better emotional state is likely to aid in the child’s recovery later on.

What parents can do when talking to kids about surgery

The first thing to do is find out how much the child knows about what’s going on, and what he or she believes is going to happen. Words like “stretcher” and “gas” can be frightening to a child who doesn’t really understand them. Part of pediatrics is knowing how to explain surgery to a child, and what words to use. Different children in different age groups need different amounts of information.

Children are often afraid of parts of the process of surgery that it doesn’t occur to adults to worry about, such as anesthesia. It might be tempting to tell them that this is just like normal sleep, but this might not help – it might just make them afraid of normal sleep. The important thing to get across to them is that they won’t be awake during the surgery, but that they are going to wake up afterwards.

A pediatrics clinic in Gastonia, NC

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