Pediatrics advice on helping your children enjoy vacations

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If your family is planning on taking a little winter vacation away from Gastonia, NC, and possibly overseas to somewhere sunnier, there are steps you can recommended by pediatrics specialists take to make sure your children get the most out of it. Make sure your vacation is fully organized — children may chafe at too much order, but they are terrified of chaos, especially if they’re already in a strange place. Resist the urge to bring every toy your children want to bring. The fewer beloved children’s toys and things you bring along on a vacation, the fewer things you’ll have to keep track of or worry about losing in some other country. Make sure they get full means and, whatever else you have planned, full nights of sleep. Give them a chance to relax every once in a while.

Three diseases to get travel vaccinations

One of the most important pediatrics steps you can take before going abroad is getting travel vaccinations. According to one study, 16% of American adult travelers needed to take the MMR vaccine, but only half of those who needed to take it did. You can find out which vaccines you need at the Traveler Information Center of the CDC Web.

Hepatitis A is most often found in developing countries with poor sanitation and hygiene. People in these countries catch it early and are immune afterward, but can still spread it. The first symptoms appear two to six weeks after infection, and include fatigue, fever, nausea and loss of appetite, followed by jaundice and diarrhea. These symptoms usually appear in adults rather than children.

Yellow fever is mostly found in tropical parts of South America and Africa, and is only spread by mosquito bite. The first symptoms include headaches, muscle pains, nausea, chills and fever, and can be mistaken for the flu. The risk comes from the disease turning into viral hemorrhagic fever, as happens in 15 to 25 percent of cases.

Bacterial meningitis is found in Brazil, India and parts of Africa, and the first symptoms in adults are headaches and rigidity of the neck. Even if properly diagnosed and treated, nearly 15 percent of those who contract bacterial meningitis die from it.

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