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Pediatrics experts strongly recommend flu shots

Although flu season is well underway, pediatrics experts in Gastonia, NC remind you there is never a bad time to arrange for your children to get vaccinated against influenza as long as they don’t already have the flu.It takes between one and two weeks for the vaccine to take effect, and, tragically, we’ve already seen at least one death as a result of the flu.Any child between the ages of six months and four years is especially vulnerable, as well as anyone over 65 years old, any pregnant woman and anyone with chronic conditions or weakened immune systems.

Determining if your child has a cold or the flu

The good news is that in the middle of winter, allergies are least likely to be an issue. They won’t become a concern until spring. That narrows the range of possibilities in cases of coughing or sneezing.

If your child is already showing symptoms of a cold or the flu, the first thing you need to do is establish what it is. Pediatrics experts say that inthe case of the common cold, the onset of the illness is likely to build up slowly over several days.In the case of the flu, on the other hand, the child rapidly becomes ill only a day or a matter of hours after showing apparent good health.The symptoms of influenzatend to be more intense than those of a cold — the fever is higher and the chills more severe.Flu also tends to cause headaches, muscle aches and exhaustion and decreased appetite.

Caring for a child with the flu

Caring for a child with the flu is usually not complicated.Pediatrics experts say keeping your child in bed andmaking sure he or she drinkslots of fluids are the key to helping him or herrecover from the flu.To deal with chills and fever, you should use layers of clothing and blankets that can be removed or added as needed.Also, make sure the rest of the family gets their shots, and wash your hands after every time you check in on the little patient.You can use small doses of ibuprofen or acetaminophen in case of aches and pains.

A pediatrics clinic in Gastonia, NC

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