Pediatrics experts recommend medical attention when fever persists

Pediatrics specialist in Gastonia NC recommends seeking medical attention for any child’s health issues. One of the common concerns that most parents deal with is fever throughout child development.

Fever in an infant can cause a big scare on the parent, but not all of the worrying is necessary. Children experience a fever for several reasons, some more serious than others. The good news is that most of the fever will go away on its own as the body seeks to build immunity. However, there are cases when the fever might be severe, warranting the need to get pediatrician care.

Here are some instances you should consider visiting a pediatrician.

Fever persists for long

The feeling of higher-than-normal temperature might linger on for several days, a huge concern. You can wait for about five days to see if the fever will clear, after which it might mean the problem is serious.

Illnesses and infections can shift the body temperature as the child’s immunity responds. A longer-lasting fever might indicate serious bacterial infections, which you can deal with using medication. Experts recommend getting your medication from the experts, so you should see a pediatrician.

Child’s fever is above 104 F

The healthy temperature range in children is between 98.6 to 100 F. Viral infections such as flu can elevate the child’s temperature past the range. You should observe the temperature keenly when your child has a fever and seek attention if it hits or exceeds 104 F.

High-temperature results from more serious matters only a pediatrician will deal with. They measure and diagnose the problem and offer proper medication to deal with the viral infection. In essence, such medicine will help lower your child’s fever.

Your child looks dehydrated

Dehydration signs are prevalent in children with extensive fever. High body temperature can cause one to sweat off a lot, resulting in extensive dehydration.

Signs of dehydration to look for in your child include;

  • Sunken soft spot-on infants head
  • Dry wrinkled skin
  • Rapid breathing
  • Dry tongue and lips

Medications aren’t working to bring the fever down

As a parent, you might have a self-diagnosed medical plan using over-the-counter drugs to deal with the fever. However, there is no guarantee that all methods will work well; sometimes, the bacteria and viruses do not react well to medication. You should see a pediatrician for an accurate diagnosis of the child’s issue.

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Child fever can be hugely concerning, but you should find pediatrician care if it persists. Working with the best pediatrics specialist in Gastonia will get you the desired results.

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