Why is there a requirement for additional activities?

Pediatrics professionals are finding fewer schools offering physical education each day. For parents, it’s all the more important to be sure their children have the right opportunity for physical activity during the week.

The recommended guidelines for a child’s daily activity are 60 minutes for moderate to vigorous physical exercise daily. However, fewer than 1 in 4 children meet these guidelines. This hour of physical activity can be divided into shorter periods; for example, time spent playing recess, walking home from school, as well as playing in the park or at any sports practice.

Why is physical activity so vital in Gastonia NC?

Pediatrics shows physical activity as a key factor in children’s development, growth, and well-being. Doing enough exercise may lead to improved cognitive performance, meaning improved grades, recall, and focus.

Exercising can help children build confidence, increase muscle and skeletal growth and development, as well as maintaining a healthier weight by preventing high cholesterol and lowering their risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Also, it’s a beautiful way for kids to enjoy themselves, and can help them sleep well and healthily control stress.

While grown-ups can force themselves to exercise, they don’t enjoy, kids won’t do it. Keeping physical activity pleasurable and age-appropriate is critical.

Gastonia pediatrics professionals recommend

Here are some ways parents can help their children to remain active outside of any physical education class or activity they may have.

  • Choose a local Gastonia NC park – you can select a local park or choose different parks. This can be on a set day, so kids know what they are going to do.
  • Riding Bikes – this is a fun family activity and is a great way to explore the great outdoors. Biking can keep kid’s minds occupied and is recommended by pediatrics professionals as one of the best forms of exercise.
  • Leading by example – parents do need to set standards. Children will follow, and if they see their parents lounging around, they think it is okay for them to do the same. Gastonia Pediatrics make a point of telling parents they also need to keep active.

These are just a couple of examples parents can follow. Aside from this, there are numerous classes of sports children may be interested in, such as martial arts. These also teach children much more than just sport.

Spots of this manner teach them self-discipline that will help them later in life.

Finding more help in Gastonia NC

Some parents may have time restraints because of work, or they are unsure how to keep their children occupied and active.

Pediatrics goes far beyond just treating sick kids, so if you have children and want them to be more active, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and schedule yourself in with your child. You can find the best ways to offer more exercise without it being a struggle, and the doctors can give your child a checkup at the same time.