Pediatrics practitioners say chest pain can come from a variety of sources, and it can be caused by virtually any structure in the chest. Chest pain can occur by an injury, an infection, or an irritation to any of the issues listed above.

Possible causes of chest pain

Pediatrics doctors say chest Pain is a symptom of a variety of illnesses. Chest pain may be a symptom of a more serious underlying disease such as a heart condition. Fortunately, the majority of chest pain in children are caused by non-life-threatening or self-limiting conditions. Some of the most common illnesses that can cause chest pain include costochondritis, stress or anxiety, precordial catch syndrome.

Pediatrics doctors explain that Costochondritis is a condition that develops as a result of inflammation of the “joint” that connects the breastbone to the ribs. Although a few people are willing to believe that stress can cause such a distressing symptom, stress-related chest pain is no different than stress-related headaches in terms of their severity.

What to do if I notice that my child is experiencing chest pain?

Pediatrics doctors advise parents not to get too worked up about it. Keep in mind that chest pain is typically caused by a benign or self-limiting illness. It is unlikely that heart disease or another serious illness is to blame. However, if your child experiences severe chest pain or chest pain that is accompanied by other symptoms such as trouble breathing, fever, sweating, or a heart rate greater than 200, you should seek medical attention immediately. Most chest pain can be ignored if these symptoms are not present, and it can be evaluated at a later time when it is more convenient. If you are unsure, consult your physician.

Pediatrics doctors recommended that it is usually preferable, to begin with, your pediatrician or family doctor rather than a specialist when seeking medical attention. The majority of children who experience chest pain do not require the services of a specialized doctor. Aside from that, different types of specialists are trained to deal with different kinds of chest pain. If the child requires the services of a specialist, the pediatrician will be able to determine which type of doctor is most appropriate for you.

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