Pediatrics practice in Gastonia, NC, say headaches are typical throughout children’s development. Here are some you should be worried about your child’s headache.

Cluster headache

When fever and a stiff neck accompany a headache, this is known as a cluster headache. The ability to raise their eyes to the ceiling, touch their chin to their chest, and shake their head back and forth is required. If your children cannot do so, you should take them to the nearest Gastonia Pediatric Associates facility to ensure that they do not have meningitis.

Severe and persistent pain

Pediatrics recommend that if your kid suffers from headaches twice or more times a week, or if they are interfering with their ability to perform schoolwork, play, or generally live everyday life, consult with their doctor. It is worthwhile to see a doctor so you can be sure, learn how to manage, and ideally avoid headaches in the future. This is especially true if you find yourself giving your kid medicine regularly; it has been shown that administering the medication regularly might result in headaches occurring more often.


The presence of frequent or prolonged vomiting and headache, particularly in the absence of other indicators of sickness, such as fever or diarrhea, should be considered. If a virus causes vomiting, it is recommended to call the doctor since vomiting might indicate pressure on the brain. Pediatrics in Gastonia, with their reputable doctors, will be in a better position to help you.

Your kid wakes up with a headache

Sometimes youngsters wake up for other causes than a headache and discover their heads hurt; this does not qualify as a headache. A headache that causes your kid to wake up from sleep, however, is not an ordinary headache, and you should consult with your physician. If you are in Gastonia, NC and you see anything that doesn’t seem quite right, or if you have a query, please consult your child’s physician.

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