Pediatrics in Gastonia NC talk about how jaundice in newborns is a common and usually harmless condition that causes the skin and eyes of your newborn to appear yellow. Jaundice occurs when an abnormal amount of bilirubin – a chemical released by red blood cells during their normal breakdown process – accumulates in the blood. Occasionally, it resolves on its own, or your doctor may recommend light therapy or other treatments to eliminate it.

Minor causes of jaundice

Pediatrics diagnose that each day, some of the body’s red blood cells degrade and produce bilirubin in the blood. The liver’s job is to remove it from the bloodstream. While your baby is still in the womb, your liver removes its bilirubin. Following birth, your infant’s liver assumes control. Occasionally, your newborn’s liver is unable to break down bilirubin as quickly as their body produces it, and it begins to accumulate. Because bilirubin is a yellow compound, it yellows the skin and eyes of your baby. Babies are more likely to get jaundice if they are:

  • Born prior to the age of 37 weeks,
  • Of East Asian or Mediterranean ancestry,
  • Having difficulty breastfeeding or bottle-feeding
  • Born to a mother who is either type O or Rh-negative

Pediatrics in Gastonia, NC, say jaundice typically appears two or three days after your baby is born and subsides within the first few weeks. Certain types may manifest sooner or much later. Breastfeeding jaundice occurs when your baby does not receive an adequate amount of nutrition. Your milk may not have arrived yet, or your baby may be having difficulty latching. The more your baby consumes, the more quickly their body eliminates waste, including bilirubin.

What are the more severe cases of jaundice?

  • Hemorrhage (bleeding) within your infant’s body
  • Contamination of the blood
  • Infections that are bacterial or viral
  • Complications of the liver
  • Deficiency of specific enzymes
  • A flaw in red blood cells that causes them to rupture excessively easily

Pediatrics in Gastonia Pediatric Association say that jaundice may also occur if the mother’s blood type is different from the baby. If this is the case, your body may produce antibodies against your baby’s red blood cells. In some cases, pediatrics in Gastonia Pediatric Associates can recommend special shots given during pregnancy can help prevent this.

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