Pediatrics on the importance of play

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According to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics in the journal Pediatrics, few things are more important to a child’s well being than simply being allowed to play. Playing reduces stress and anxiety among young children, especially those who are beginning something new like preschool or kindergarten. Even disruptive children behaved better when given the chance to play one on one with teachers.

Playing among other children is an important part of building up social skills — this is true whether we’re talking about preschoolers or teenagers. It helps develop physical health, emotional intelligence and communications skills. It also gives children a chance to practice thinking and creativity — especially if it’s unstructured play.

Children aren’t getting enough playtime

Children’s playtime has been reduced in recent decades, and 30 percent of kindergarteners don’t have recess in their schools. One survey found that only half of preschoolers go outside to play or walk with a parent on a daily basis. Exaggerated fears, caused by the media turning every crime and tragedy that happens anywhere in the nation into a nationwide news story, cause parents to be afraid to let their children play outside at all. And a lot of the playtime children get is in the form of organized sports, where they mostly follow orders from their coaches (at least in theory) or other highly structured activities that don’t ask the children to do a lot of thinking on their feet.

What you can do about it

Never miss a chance to play with your child. This will not only help your child grow emotionally, it will help strengthen the emotional bond between you and give your child a defense against anxiety.

One thing you can do is go to a PTA meeting and ask your child’s Gastonia, NC school if it offers recess. Making sure there’s a certain amount of playtime in your child’s work day will help your child succeed in school during the rest of the day.

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