PediatricsPediatrics advice on keeping your children healthy on a budget

One of the recurring problems in pediatrics is that children in families that are struggling financially have trouble getting healthy food and proper health care. It’s important for children to get adequate nutrition to make sure they can stay healthy and concentrate in school, but obesity is also a constant concern. The worst part is that unhealthy food is so cheap and healthy food is so expensive.

As with a lot of things, one way to save money is to spend time. Plan your evening meals for a week in advance, using everything in your cupboard so there’s no waste. When you’re shopping, make a list and don’t be tempted by things that aren’t on the list. Compare prices, paying particular attention to the price by weight. When in doubt, buy the store brand — it’s almost always cheaper and is rarely any much lower in quality.

Pre-prepared foods aren’t the best

The easiest thing to do is to buy a prepared meal and reheat it. This is a problem because the economics of food are very much like the economics of anything else. Adding time and labor to the process of making something means making the final product more expensive. Pound for pound, prepared foods are always more expensive than unprepared foods. Not only that, they aren’t necessarily very healthy. Fortunately, nutritional labeling laws mean that you can look at a given packaged item of food and know exactly how much of various essential nutrients it has.

Depending on what equipment you have in your kitchen, you may be able to make use of brown rice, fresh vegetables and other potential ingredients for nutritious meals. There are online recipes, cookbooks in the public library and cooking shows on YouTube, all free, that can help you find ways to use what you have available.

When it comes to snacks, the key to resisting temptation is to keep it at a distance. If there are only healthy snacks in the house, your children are going to eat healthy snacks. Look for a place where you can buy them in bulk. Pediatrics experts recommend you get your children in the habit of eating breakfast every morning.

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