Do you want to know what the essential pediatric services are in Gastonia NC?

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Pediatrics is there when your child is sick, or they have a strange behavior which is worrying you sick. It is good to know you have a pediatric clinic at the end of the phone in case of an emergency. A pediatric clinic offers much more than being a place where a kid’s doctor treats them.If you want to see what pediatric services the trained physicians and nurses perform aside from treating kids, then read below.

Newborn Exams in Gastonia NC 

As soon as you give birth right up until kid’s set off for college, they will be cared for by your local pediatric clinic. The newborn exams are one of the most crucial stages which continues for the first 12 – months of your child’s life. 

New parents are super sensitive to the slightest of changes, and it can be worrying when these happen. Although every parent doesn’t need to keep a watchful eye on their children, there can be over vigilance. The newborn exams are the first step in pediatrics care and are there to monitor the early few days and will cover breathing, sleeping, and feeding of your child.

Pediatrics well-child exams in the local children’s clinic

Once your child is passed their first year, they will grow at a rapid rate and will be learning to walk around the home. You might have concerns over their rate of growth, the behavior they are showing and their newer feeding habits. 

A quick visit to Gastonia Pediatrics is a great place to begin if you have any concerns. Your kid’s doctor will check their health and all the vital signs along with the child’s development. They can give advice on nutritional requirements and personal hygiene for your child.

Sick children visit the local pediatric practice in Gastonia NC 

Children will pick up bugs and viruses. This can cause some discomfort because they won’t be used to feeling ill. Immune systems are still developing so they are prone to more coughs and colds than adults.

Although many of these can be treated at home, there does come times when it requires a visit to the pediatrics professionals in the clinic. It may be, there is a higher fever, and stronger medication is needed, but with the right children’s clinic on your side, you will know your child is well cared for.

Gastonia NC school and sports physicals

At school age, children will be required to take a yearly school physical exam. If they are the sporty type, they may also need to undergo a sports physical. These examinations will check overall health, behavior and physical development. The sports examinations can also point out if there are any medical conditions which may have an effect on a child’s active lifestyle.

To make sure you have the right pediatrics team on your side, all you need to do is contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and they will be able to answer any questions you may have about children of any age, or for you to schedule yourself in for a consultation for an expected newborn.