Gastonia’s pediatrics expert helps parents identify different rashes for treatment

Gastonia’s pediatrics expert advises parents to involve professionals if they spot a rash on their newborn and aren’t sure how to handle it. Still, most newborn rashes don’t need treatment.

Types of Newborn Rashes

  1. Erythema Toxicum

About half of newborns are affected by this rash. Symptoms can start within a few hours after birth, characterized by red patches on the skin with white or yellow pimples. It can develop anywhere on the body but appears most often on the trunk and never on the feet’s soles. Parents shouldn’t pop the pimples as it increases the probability of an infection. Besides, it disappears before newborns are three to four weeks old.

  1. Pustular Melanosis

This common rash develops in newborns before they are born, with more cases being associated with African-American babies. It features small pimples on the skin filled with a cloudy liquid. Some of the pimples usually burst before birth, leaving a dark circle or patch of skin. They are mostly found behind the ears or on the forehead, neck, back, and chin. They disappear within two weeks and, therefore, don’t need treatment.

  1. Eczema

It’s not odd for a newborn to have a genetic predisposition to eczema. This chronic skin condition is believed to be caused by having too few fatty cells in the skin. That means the skin does not retain moisture, allowing bacteria to penetrate the skin. Symptoms start within a few months of birth, characterized by dry, rough skin that may be crusty. Newborns with the rash may scratch or rub the area. It can develop anywhere on a newborn’s body and on the knees and elbows for older children. It usually lasts until the child reaches school age and may continue into adulthood. Applying a moisturizing cream when the baby’s skin is moist is recommended, especially after bath time. The moisturizer should also be applied one to two times a day.

Newborn rashes related to the environment

Newborns can also develop rashes linked to specific environmental factors like heat and allergens. These include:

  1. Heat rash

This rash tends to develop around the diaper area, upper chest, and other areas where sweat is trapped under the skin. Its characteristics include red patches that have a slightly rough or smooth texture. It may also have small bumps or pimples on the skin but doesn’t require treatment.

  1. Yeast infection

It develops in warm and moist areas of the body. These include the diaper area, in the armpits, and around the neck. It may appear like tiny red dots scattered around or pink moist areas that appear irritated. If you think that your newborn has a yeast infection, speaking with your pediatrician is best. Medicated creams can be prescribed to clear this rash.

  1. Contact Rash

It is an allergic reaction caused by sensitivity to a substance that touches the newborn’s skin. It develops within hours and looks like eczema and a heat rash. It is red and may have a scaly or rough texture. While it doesn’t cause discomfort, there may be itching.

Choose Gastonia’s top pediatrics expert

A pediatrician can recommend steroid creams to solve the rash problem. But if you do not see any improvements, speaking with Gastonia’s top pediatrics expert can help. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.