Pediatrics experts help you maintain your child’s mental health

Pediatrics in Gastonia NC take care of your child’s mental health and physical health to avoid trauma as they grow. Some of the ways they can have traumas are if they can let nightmares get to them. The occasional nightmare is common. You typically have 4 to 5 dreams a night, some of which are nice and others that are not. Dreams aid the mind’s processing of challenging situations or information. The most common developmental challenges that give rise to nightmares are separation from parents for toddlers, monsters or the dark for preschoolers, and death or actual hazards for school-age children.

Here’s how to deal with nightmares.

Embrace and reassure your child

Let them know it was just a nightmare and sit with them until they are quiet. Since closing the bedroom door could increase dread, offer to keep it open. Give your child a night light, especially if they are afraid of the dark.

Talk about the bad dream during the day

Unless you can give specifics, like anything he or she said when they woke up, your youngster might not remember what the dream was about. Reassure your child that dreams about falling or being chased are common if they were occurring to them. If your child has the same horrible dream repeatedly, work with them to envision a happy resolution.

Avoid watching frightening movies

Violence or spooky entertainment can give many kids nightmares before bed. These phobias may last for months or even years. If your child is younger than 13 years old, steer clear of these kinds of movies, TV shows, and games. Your child’s mentality and sensitivity should be carefully considered between the ages of 13 and 17 when determining when they are prepared to deal with mature content. Pay close attention to this rule when attending Halloween and sleepover parties.

Find ways to overcome nightmares

Together, you and your child can come up with inventive solutions for getting rid of nightmares. Read accounts about overcoming nocturnal phobias. Draw pictures of your nightmares, then, as a symbolic act, shred them up and discard them. It is worthwhile to test any original ideas you have.

Young children frequently experience anxiety about going to bed, monsters in the closet, and fear of the dark throughout their infancy. The way you as a parent or other caregiver respond to your child’s worries and reassure them will have an impact on how well they can go to sleep and stay asleep.

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Nightmares can cause trauma that can affect a child’s mental health. You should work with the best pediatrics experts in Gastonia to maintain your child’s mental health.

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