Pediatrics in Gastonia NC talk about Kawasaki

Pediatrics in Gastonia NC explain that Kawasaki is the most common cause of acquired heart disease in newborns and young children. When the Kawasaki illness occurs, blood vessels are inflamed, and the effects may be life-altering. Kawasaki’s condition may cause several other symptoms in children, including rash, enlarged neck glands, swelling of the hands and feet, and redness of the eyes, lips, and tongue. Early on, the heart muscle or heart valves might be affected by Kawasaki illness. Children diagnosed and treated early may begin to feel better in days with no long-term cardiac problems.

Symptoms of the Kawasaki illness

Pediatrics and other child care professionals diagnose that possible symptoms of Kawasaki illnesses include fever, rash anywhere on the body, but especially in the diaper region, lymph nodes on one side of the neck swelling and becoming painful, etc. Some other symptoms include a raspberry-colored tongue covered with rough, red patches, swollen, cracking lips, and more. Not all of the following warning signs and symptoms may appear simultaneously for you. Only a handful of these is present in some newborns still in the womb. Additionally, non-specific signs and symptoms may include nausea and vomiting and diarrhea, cough and runny nose, a headache, or joint discomfort and swelling.

Diagnosis of Kawasaki illness

Pediatrics in Gastonia NC explain that a single test cannot diagnose Kawasaki’s illness. If Kawasaki’s condition is suspected, your doctor may order an echocardiography and blood and urine sample. Your doctor may also send you to a pediatric infectious disease, rheumatology, or cardiology expert for more advice on diagnosis and treatment.

Untreated complications of Kawasaki illness

It is possible for Kawasaki’s illness to have significant problems, such as inflammation of the blood vessels, if it is not treated. Blood vessel wall damage and weakening may result in an aneurysm, ballooning the blood vessels themselves. In particular, coronary artery aneurysms may form due to this condition, which affects the blood vessels that provide blood to the heart muscle.

Consult your Gastonia Pediatrics Associates’ if your kid has a fever lasting 4 to 5 days and displays any listed critical signs and symptoms. Detection is complex and may need many examinations. Find out more information from your Gastonia Pediatric Associates’ doctor in Gastonia NC.

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