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Pediatrics in Gastonia NC explain that infectious diarrhea is caused by astrovirus (gastroenteritis). While astrovirus-induced diarrhea most often affects young children and infants, it may also strike the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems. The diarrheal disease produced by an astrovirus infection is usually less severe than those caused by rotavirus and norovirus, although having comparable symptoms. In addition, medical intervention is relatively uncommon.

Symptoms of an astrovirus

Pediatrics in Gastonia NC say that various diseases, including astroviruses, may cause gastrointestinal illness. The most common astrovirus symptom is diarrhea. Astrovirus diarrhea is moderate compared to other germs that cause gastroenteritis, such as rotavirus and norovirus. Astroviruses produce mild diarrhea. Other frequent symptoms of gastroenteritis may also be present, such as nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, muscle pains, etc.

In most cases, a hospital stay is unnecessary. Most long-term health hazards and problems do not exist if the sickness is treated quickly and well.

Causes of astrovirus

Pediatrics refer to this virus as astrovirus because of its star-like appearance under a microscope. Astroviruses come in various forms, some of which may infect people since the virus has spread to humans and other animals. Astrovirus infections are more common in the winter and spring in temperate regions. If you reside in an area where sanitation is poor, or people live in congested areas, you may be exposed to astroviruses at any time of the year.

Factors that increase the likelihood of a person developing a disease

Pediatrics diagnose that it just takes a few viral particles to infect a person with an astrovirus, which is very tiny. As soon as a person becomes infected with an astrovirus, the virus’s particles are shed into the feces.

Treatment of astrovirus

Pediatrics warn that antibiotics are unable to cure a virus-based sickness. The therapy for viral gastroenteritis would thus be supportive and aimed at alleviating symptoms rather than combating the illness itself (such as relieving nausea or fluid replacement for dehydration). Only common-sense precautions will keep you from contracting or transmitting astrovirus until a cure can be developed. Wash your hands, keep them away from your mouth, and be sanitary at all times.

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