Pediatrics advice on what to do when your kid has a fever

Pediatrics are children’s clinics. Your pediatrician would have told you not to panic when you feel that your child has a fever and the few steps you need to follow to know if it is critical not. As a parent, it’s a scene that we are all familiar with. When you feel that a kid might be having a fever. You put your hand on his forehead and check if it feels warm. Then with the help of a thermometer, you can confirm your suspicion: They’ve got a fever. However, if you follow some simple rules you can make them more comfortable and keep them safe. Fever is a defense against infection and in most cases, it’s harmless and goes away on its own in 3 days.

Pediatrics advice on what you should do if your child has a fever

Your pediatrician will definitely tell you that Acetaminophen can lower your baby’s temperature. Older than 2, you’ll find the dose on the label. If he/she is younger, then he will tell you what dosage to give them.  Another drug you can give your baby is ibuprofen if your child is at least 6 months old.

Other than medication, there are a lot of things you can do to make your baby feel better. For example, you keep the room at a moderate temperature — not too hot and not too cold; you can also cool your baby off with a lukewarm sponge bath. And you must ensure your baby drinks a lot of fluids.

Pediatric advice on what you shouldn’t do if your child has a fever 

Do not ever give your child aspirin as this can cause a serious condition called Reye’s syndrome. Also, avoid combination cold and flu remedies for children.

When should you call your Gastonia pediatrician?

Sometimes, you do not need to take your sick baby to the doctor. But sometimes fever can be a serious warning sign and you should inform your pediatrician of the symptoms.

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