Pediatrics diagnose and help treat ear infections to help your child remain comfortable

A pediatrics expert in Gastonia NC will help you manage any issues with your child. Are you concerned that your child may have an ear infection? While you will undoubtedly be aware when you have an ear infection, children, especially infants and young children, cannot communicate their ear pain. Five out of every six kids have at least one ear infection by the time they are three years old, making ear infections extremely frequent among young children. Understand the symptoms and when to seek care from your child’s pediatrician.

Trouble sleeping

It is not at all strange that your youngster may get fussy or even have a temper tantrum about going to bed when pressure builds up in the middle ear as a result of bacteria. When they lie down, kids with ear infections frequently toss and turn because they feel worse. Your child may have an ear infection if they suddenly start weeping when they lie down.

Tug on their ears

A youngster can show you if their ear hurts, even when they can’t verbally express it. Whether your child is straining and tugging at their ears, you might be able to tell if they could have an ear infection. Again, youngsters may fidget with their ears to lessen discomfort because the pressure inside the ears can be very uncomfortable and even painful.

Trouble hearing

Your child may experience hearing loss for a few weeks both during and after an ear infection. The fluid behind the eardrum interferes with sound transmission, causing this to happen. Usually only lasting a short while, this goes away once the middle ear fluid has drained.

Draining ears

The presence of fluid or pus flowing from the ear in your child is another clear indicator of an ear infection. If there is blood in the fluid, this may indicate that the eardrum has ruptured. Even though the eardrum will eventually heal on its own, it’s always a good idea to visit your pediatrician if your child’s ear is draining pus or fluid.


Commonly, a youngster with a middle ear infection may also be feverish. It’s probably time to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician if your child’s ear seems red, tugs frequently has been acting fussier recently, and has a fever of more than 100 degrees F.

Find the best pediatrics expert in Gastonia NC for your child’s ear issues

It’s crucial to consult your pediatrician if your child is exhibiting signs of an ear infection or if you have concerns about their recurrent ear infections. The pediatrician expert in Gastonia will be able to prescribe the right medication and talk about further strategies to lower your child’s risk of contracting infections in the future.

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