Pediatrics advise on what causes ear infections

Your baby can’t tell you his ear is aching. However, here are some ear infection symptoms to watch out for in your child and how to help soothe the pain: Pediatrics is needed for your child’s ear infection. Any adult who once had an ear infection can tell how painful it can be— reason more it hurts to see your child with one. Unfortunately, ear infections are very common in babies.

An ear infection is a bacterial infection right in the middle ear. This usually begins with an allergy or a cold, which can cause the eustachian tubes to get blocked. And as a result of this, fluid build-up in the areas just behind the eardrum, and pressure from that inflammation is what causes all the pain.

Gastonia NC pediatric tips on how to spot an ear infection

Children under age 2 are unable to simply say, “I have pains in my ear,” and this makes a baby ear infection difficult to detect. Pediatricians say to look out for fever, especially if preceded by a cold, clinginess, as well as crying, loss of appetite, and irritability. Kids with an ear infection often won’t sleep very well because the pain in the ear will increase when they’re lying down. And if you see pus or fluid draining from your baby’s ear, it’s a sign of infection. You may also notice your baby rubbing or pulling on their ear.

Pediatrics and tips on how to treat an ear infection

Pediatricians say that the good news is that most baby ear infections disappear on their own. Some babies may require antibiotics, although pediatricians prescribe the wait-and-watch approach. If your child is more than six months old, if he is fine and there’s no high fever, then wait and watch before giving him antibiotics. However, if the baby shows no sign of improvement after a day or two, then know he can be given antibiotics. Either way, baby’s acetaminophen can help relieve pain in babies that are older than 3 months, and infants’ ibuprofen for babies over six months.

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