SIDS Awareness Month

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October is SIDS Awareness Month. If you are a parent of a newborn in Gastonia, NC, you almost certainly already know about making sure your baby always sleeps on his or her back, never letting a baby sleep in bed with you and not having blankets, pillows, soft toys or anything else that could obstruct air passages inside the crib. There are some other safety tips you should also know:

• Don’t let your baby sleep on his or her side.

• Don’t overheat the room in an attempt to compensate for absent blankets. Overheated rooms are associated with SIDS. Keep it at about 68 degrees.

• If a baby isn’t comfortable sleeping on his or her back, swaddling may help.

• Pacifiers actually reduce the risk of SIDS. Just make sure you wash it in hot, soapy water every morning.

• If your baby rolls over in the night by himself or herself, this is actually a good sign. A baby with enough motor skills to do this is a baby who most likely also has the ability to detect breathing trouble, wake up and turn back onto his or her back.

Tummy time

According to pediatrics, when babies are wide awake — and only when they’re awake — you should give them several sessions of carefully supervised “tummy time” on a nice, soft but firm, flat surface every day. In the case of newborns, two to three sessions of three to five minutes each works well. The best times are just after a nap or diaper change. 

Give your baby something to reach for by holding a toy just out of reach will encourage the baby to raise his or her head. By the time your baby is three to four months old, you should try for a cumulative 20 to 30 minutes a day. This helps your baby develop his or her neck muscles and reduces the risk of flattened-head syndrome from too much time on his or her back.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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