Pediatrician can help when a child needs surgery

PediatricianPediatricians don’t usually perform major surgery, he or she can tell you if your child ever needs to undergo a major surgical procedure, and can help your child prepare. Most of us find the prospect of going through surgery to be terrifying, and we are adults. Imagine how bad it is for a child, especially if the child knows that his or her parents are not going to be in the room with him or her during the surgery. Pediatricians spend time learning how to talk to children of any age and build up a rapport with them. They can help a child feel less uncomfortable in medical settings, and be less likely to be traumatized by his or her own fear.

Explaining surgery to a child is harder than explaining it to an adult. It is best to avoid talking about anything the child will not be awake for or remember going through, and if possible to use only words the child already knows. Begin by asking how much the child already knows and what he or she believes. Some of the words used in medicine may be needlessly alarming, such as stretcher or gas. A pediatrician will know what words to use, and how to explain the process.

One of the more frightening aspects of the whole experience for a child is likely to be the idea of anesthesia. Precisely how much information is appropriate to give depends on the age and development of the child in question. Your pediatrician will know how to talk about it, especially if he or she already knows this child. They know what words or phrases to avoid, either because they will be terrifying or because they will cause the child to associate normal sleep with surgery. The most important thing children of any age need to know is that they are not going to wake up during the procedure, but are going to wake up afterwards.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

The best time to look for a pediatrician in your area is when your child is perfectly healthy, you are not in a hurry and you can afford to take the time to find the best. Gastonia Pediatric Associates is a pediatric clinic in a convenient location within the Charlotte area. It is one of the first medical practices for children in this area, and is owned and directed by its own physicians. It offers medical advice for parents 24 hours a day, and has provided personalized service to three generations of families. Its staff includes three physicians and three nursing staff. If you need a pediatrician for your family, contact Gastonia Pediatrics today.