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Pediatric practices in Gastonia, NC would like to begin Drug and Alcohol Facts Week by encouraging you to teach your children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Your position on drugs should, from an early age, be a very simple “don’t do them.” There will be plenty of time for them to learn complex and nuanced messages about which drugs are more or less dangerous… later, from other people. Even if some drugs are likely to become legal in the future, many of the most dangerous drugs are prescription drugs that are also legal for those who need them.

As for when you do this, pediatric practices recommend you start early, but don’t harp on the subject continuously. Talk about it when the subject of drugs comes up on the local news or in school.

When it comes to alcohol, the best defense against abuse for older children is a good example. If you can have a beer or glass or wine with dinner and then put the rest away, if you’re not in the habit of getting drunk in front of your family or using drink to distract you from problems, you’ve shown them how to handle alcohol, but they’re not ready to do it themselves just yet. Don’t be afraid to set rules.

Teaching your children about good health

If your child is much too young to hear about or understand the issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Your pediatric practice points out that this is the perfect time to instill habits in your child that will enable him or her to resist the lure of mind-altering substances later. The key to resisting the false happiness of drugs and alcohol is the true love of good health.

This is best presented not with lecturing, but with positivity. Talk with your children about how good they feel when they get a good night’s sleep, and how much fun it is to be able to play for as long as you want without getting tired. Remember that children with high self-esteem are better equipped to resist the peer pressure that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse.

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