If your child sails through life with no problems, you are one of the lucky ones

Pediatric practice in Gastonia, NC
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Pediatric practice clinics in Gastonia NC treat all manner of symptoms. This is all well and good during the day, but children are not used to being ill or wanting to wait until regular opening hours. They seem to have the ability to either be sick or have a problem when you least expect it.

It is evident, most families need urgent pediatric care at some stage of their child’s life. If you want to see the top four reasons this occurs, read on, and you will know what to keep an eye out for.

Ear infections are the number one reason for pediatric care in Gastonia NC

Children can pick up an ear infection from anywhere, and although they come on suddenly, it might be something they caught earlier in the day. Telltale signs are if your child is playing with one ear more than another. 

This can be the time to make the best use of your pediatric practice out of hours number. Although it is often nothing to be overly worried about, if it isn’t tended to, it can cause further complications.

Pediatric practice visits for coughs and fever

Children don’t have the most robust immune system, so as soon as any bugs are going around, they can be susceptible to catching it. The problem is, children often get a fever with a bad cough. In some cases, this isn’t a bug going around, and it could be an underlying blockage in the throat, or they have an allergy to something they have eaten.

If the fever is high, then you should definitely call your local pediatric clinic such as Gastonia Pediatrics.

Playful children always get burned

All children love to play, and nearly all of them manage to burn themselves at one time or another. With prying fingers, they often touch something hot, or in the worst case, they pull something hot over in the kitchen.

If it is just a quick burn, this can be treated at home, but kids have tender skin, and anything more, and it will need a visit to their pediatric practice. Dressing burns that are substantial should never be taken lightly, and leaving it to the local professional kid’s doctor is advisable.

Possible broken bones

When children play they fall over a lot. This can happen on a more frequent basis the older they get. It is exciting for them, but when they come home nursing a badly bruised arm or leg, then it could be something more sinister.

You can touch it, and it will hurt, and on occasion, it may be nothing more than a bruise. However, kids will let you know if it is a bruise or a break because they will scream the house down. If you have the suspicion they have a broken bone, then you need to head off to the local pediatric practice in Gastonia NC. It might be nothing more than a bruise, but with rapid attention from a kid’s doctor, and there will be no lasting damage if it is fractured or broken.

Gastonia pediatric clinics give peace of mind

Children can be ill or hurt themselves at any time of the day, so knowing you have the complete backing of a pediatric practice will put any parents mind at ease.

No matter what time of day and the professional and dedicated staff are waiting to tend to your child in the best possible way. To make sure you have this insurance against the above problems, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and put your mind at ease.