Home Eye Safety Month

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Part of pediatric care is good eye care and eye safety. October is Home Eye Safety Month, possibly because Halloween is coming and few things freak us all out more than the possibility of eye damage. And with good reason — our eyes are very valuable and terribly fragile.

Here are some basic pediatric tips on eye safety and eye protection that may help:

• In addition to never staring into the sun, wear eyeshades when you go outside.

• If you’re carrying something sharp, keep it pointed down.

• If you get something in your eye, don’t rub it — ask an adult to help wash it out.

• Don’t stare at any one screen too long, and try to keep them as far from your eyes as your chin from your elbow.

• When engaged in sports or using power tools, wear eye protection. If your Gastonia, NC school has a shop class or chemistry class, make sure they take the right precautions.

• When the rest of you is healthy, your eyes are healthy. Eat right and exercise. Fish and green, leafy vegetables are good for developing eyes. Exercise will reduce the risk of diabetes, which can result in blindness. And don’t smoke — this can lead to, among much else, eye problems.

Getting unwanted objects out

Tears are good for washing out dirt and loose eyelashes. Make sure your children know that at times like this, it’s more than all right to cry.

If a little sand lands on the child’s eyeball, the first thing to do is wash your hands thoroughly. At the same time you’re doing this, you should make sure your child isn’t touching his or her eyeball trying to remove it. (Moments like this are what make parenting and pediatric care such an adventure.)

There is only one safe way to remove a foreign object from an eye yourself, and that is by flushing the eye with lukewarm water — not too cold, and especially not too hot. Gently pour the water from a pitcher or from a faucet not set at full strength. Don’t rush it — this can take up to 15 minutes. If in doubt, take the child to an emergency room.

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