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The Christmas shopping season has begun, and if you’re shopping for electronic toys, your pediatric practice recommends your children not spend too much time in front of a TV or computer. A 2017 study by Iowa State University found that children who had TV or video game systems in their room spent less time reading and sleeping. were less likely to do well in school and were at greater risk of obesity and addiction to video games.

The good news is that sitting too close to the TV doesn’t hurt a child’s eyesight. The bad news is that sitting anywhere for too long is bad for his or her health. Also, children have a greater need for face-to-face socialization with peers in order to develop their social skills — online interaction isn’t enough. There’s also the danger of getting addicted to video games, and all the different ways your child can get in trouble on the Internet.

Control access, teach self-control

The best way to fight temptation is to put it somewhere else. If there isn’t already a TV, video game system or computer with Internet access in your child’s bedroom, don’t put one there. If there’s already one there, leave it there unless they’ve done something worth punishing — taking it out isn’t worth the stress — but be sure to talk to them about responsible use of TV, games and computers. The most important thing is to learn to regulate your own use of TV and computers, both so they have an idea of what responsible use looks like and so they don’t see you as a hypocrite to be defied for the sake of their own self-respect.

It isn’t necessary to try to cut off your children’s access to TV, video games and the Internet entirely. Rather, you should set certain limits on how much they can indulge in these things, and then hold to those limits. Pediatric experts say it’s a lot harder for a child in Gastonia, NC to get addicted to TV or computers when the TV or computer is in a separate room and he or she has to share it with the rest of the family. You also shouldn’t let your child watch TV while doing homework — it will affect his or her concentration.

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