pediatric clinicPediatric advice for minor injuries

Fortunately, most of the injuries your child will suffer will not need a pediatric clinic, much less the ER. But even small scratches and blisters should be handled in such a way as to make sure they heal as quickly as possible, with minimal risk of infection or other complications. Here are some pediatric tips on how to do that.

Keeping your child calm

This starts with keeping yourself calm, or at the very least showing no sign of tension or agitation in your face or voice. If your child is young enough to be in kindergarten or preschool, you may be able to distract him or her using a toy or book while you treat the wound. Pediatric specialists recommend you keep the wound covered with a cloth in such a way that the child cannot see it. If your child is a little older, be sure to tell him or her exactly what you are going to do and whether or not it will sting. The child may be able to help with the treatment by holding the bandage or ointment. This will do a lot to help him or her feel in control.

Cuts and scrapes

The first thing to do is make sure you do not need to go to the ER. According to experts in pediatric medicine, a wound should have a clean cloth pressed on it until it stops bleeding, and you should go to the ER if it will not stop bleeding. With this done, the would should be cleaned under lukewarm running water and patted dry. Apply antibiotic ointment and an adhesive bandage.

Burns and scalds

Scalding is the most common form of burns, at least among very young children. If it is on the face, hands or genitals, or if it is larger than a quarter of an inch, take your child to the ER. If not, pediatric specialists recommend you hold the wound under cool, running water until it hurts less.

Bites and stings

If there is any sign of severe allergic reaction, you should call 911. If not, check to see if there is a stinger in the wound. If there is one, try to ease it out with your fingers or a credit card — not with tweezers, as this may squeeze more venom in. If it is a tick bite, you may want your pediatric clinic to test for Lyme disease.

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