Were you sure that cold catching season was over in Gastonia NC?

Pediatric clinic in Gastonia, NC

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Pediatric clinic visits may appear to slow down now the winter period is over, but this doesn’t mean children are not catching colds. A cold is passed on much easier in colder periods because everyone in the family tends to stay indoors, but now is the time that catches lots of families out.

If your child wakes you in the middles of the night. Check if they feel flushed, sweaty and hot. These are signs they have got a fever from somewhere else apart from the home. A visit to their kid’s doctor could be needed as soon as possible.

What fever doesn’t need a trip to your child’s pediatrician?

When children have fevers, all Gastonia NC parents might slip into panic mode. However, as Gastonia Pediatrics will tell any parents, there isn’t always a need to panic.

On occasions, these fevers are helping your child to fight off an infection, and there is no need to rush off to the local pediatric clinic at the sign of every illness. All this will depend on the age of your child and the intensity, and the symptoms they are showing.

What thermometer readings; should parents take their children to the pediatric clinic?

If children are under 3-months old, a thermometer reading of 100.4F is cause for concern. If they are between 3 and six-months-old, then concern should be if the fever reaches 101F. This figure rises the older they become.

It is time to call a children’s doctor in Gastonia NC if your child is over 6-month old and they have a fever of between 102F and 103F.

Behavior can be an indication of fever

A severe fever can be seen in a child’s behavior. If they are not feeding correctly, or they are playing less or in a very different way as usual. This may be cause for alarm and a visit to your local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic. 

The principal symptoms you may see are excessive crying, listlessness, always sleepy and irritability. If they show signs of these, then it is safer to take your child to contact a local kid’s doctor.

Making sure you are prepared for unexpected colds in Gastonia NC

It doesn’t take long for any child to catch a severe cold. However, it is up to the parent’s discretion at how bad the cough and fever might be. To be safe, it is good for all parents to have a backup in these situations. With this in mind, making contact with a local pediatric clinic is advisable.

If you are unsure, or you haven’t had time to go through the local clinics, then contact Gastonia Pediatrics Associates at any time of the day. The staff is available 24/7 in case of these sudden emergencies. You can schedule a clinic visit anytime, once the crisis has been dealt with.