Pediatric care advice on toy safety for infants

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Pediatric care experts in Gastonia, NC say that after the first three months or so, your baby develops the ability to open and close his or her hands deliberately and starts reaching for things. It’s a good idea to start thinking about toys and infant safety.

No baby’s toy should be less than one and a quarter inches in cross-section in any direction, and that goes for any piece the baby is strong enough to remove. If you’re not sure how to check for this, there’s a usefuldevice called a “choke tube” (not to be confused with the shotgun attachment of the same name) which you can use to test a marble, ball or other toy. You can buy this online.A toy that runs on batteries should have its battery case closed with screws. Any toy meant to be ridden should have a safety harness. And of course no toy should have sharp edges. 

If a toy is made of fabric or stuffed, look for labels indicating that it’s washable and flame-resistant or flame-retardant. Whatever a toy is made from, if your baby is old enough to start putting things in his or her mouth and not only enough not to, make sure it’s nontoxic as well as washable.

Rattles are a traditional toy for babies because they show babies the connection between their movements and consequences such as noises. When babies start developing volition and control over their own movements, this helps them learn faster.

Playing with your baby can help strengthen bonds

Pediatric care experts say that a critical factor in your baby’s well-being is the bond between you and him or her. Sometimes postpartum depression, exhaustion or stress, or the need to keep the baby in an incubator or in the hospital for a little while longer, can delay the forming of those bonds. Playing with your baby can help make up the difference. Both you and your baby will be comforted by touch and eye contact.Newborns can’t see very well, but they’re programmed to focus their eyes on human faces and respond to the sound of human voices. In particular, your baby wants to hear your particular voice.

A pediatric care center in Gastonia, NC

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