Is it safe to give my child dietary supplements?

Pediatrics covers all areas of a child’s welfare. In some cases if a child is deficient in some nutrition, a pediatrician may advise some additional supplements. However, there are cases where some toddlers are not suitable, or there are other areas where they can get nutrition form without resorting to supplements.

Read on for more nutrition advice in children.

Dietary supplements for Gastonia NC children

If you are providing your child with a selective selection from each basic food group and are allowing him or her to experience a wide variety of flavors, they should eat a nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of vitamins.

While some vitamins, like the fat-soluble vitamins A and D, can even present risks, they are stockpiled in the tissue when over-consumed, and at high levels may make your child ill. High dosages of minerals like zinc and iron that are taken over a prolonged period can also have a negative effect.

Dietary supplementation for some toddlers

Infancy is a crucial time for the growth and development of the brain. Some vitamins and supplements may be advised in pediatrics clinics. For example, rickets is an illness where the bones become soft, is linked to insufficient vitamin D intake, and reduced exposure to sunlight.

While it is uncommon in the United States, it is still being reported, particularly in children with more dark-skinned skin. Talk to your pediatrician in Gastonia NC about which supplements are required and in how much.

Gastonia Pediatrics explain more about supplements

For some children, however, supplementation may be helpful. If your family dietary habits are limiting the groups of foods available to your child, he or she may require a vitamin and/or mineral supplement.

For instance, if your home were vegan, pediatrics professionals would recommend your child only follow this diet after consultation with his or her pediatrician. It is OK to have a child on a vegan diet, but it needs to be done carefully.

There are some critical vitamins and minerals that may be deficient in vegan diets, especially vitamin B12, D, A, iron, calcium, zinc, and riboflavin.

Gastonia NC children’s doctor and milk consumption

If you have a child who is drinking twenty-four to thirty-two ounces of milk or under each day, then there is little cause for concern. If they drink a lot more than this and you can’t have them eat more iron-rich foods, consult your pediatrician on adding iron supplements to their diet.

Meanwhile, you can continue to administer vitamin D drops if taking less than thirty-two ounces of milk a day, and keep offering a broad variety of iron-rich foods so that eventually you don’t need to be supplementing.

Gastonia NC pediatric practice helps with supplements

It can be hard knowing where children are deficient in their nutrition. Luckily, the staff in the local pediatrics clinic are well aware of the symptoms, and what dietary supplements can safely be administered to toddlers and young children.

If you are unsure and wish to know more, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and the staff can schedule you in for a quick consultation, and give your child a check-up to make sure there are no signs of nutrient deficiency.