Could my child have a thyroid issue?

Pediatrics covers all kinds of diseases of children. One that often slips under the radar are thyroid problems. Although thyroid disorder is more common in adults, it also affects many children. Several conditions occur in newborns and others in children of any age. Here is more info on thyroid issues and how they affect toddlers and young kids In Gastonia NC.

What happens with thyroid problems?

Pediatrics experts report hyperthyroidism is seen occasionally in newborns, especially if the mother is suffering from Graves’ disease. With this condition, the child’s thyroid gland is producing excessive amounts of hormones. This sometimes warrants medical intervention. Symptoms of prolonged overactive thyroid gland are a rapid pulse and the inability to eat enormously without gaining the desired weight. There are safe and effective treatments available to treat hyperthyroidism in Gastonia NC

Hypothyroidism may be more common, and there is a test, which your baby may be given at delivery. If the initial test findings are not conclusive, be certain to schedule a follow-up test. The symptoms of hypothyroidism are jaundice, constipation, and inflammation of the tongue and surrounding eye area. It can delay growth and mental development, but it can also be treated effectively if caught early.

Pediatrics professionals in Gastonia NC explain where problems come from 

Graves’ disease of the thyroid is an autoimmune disorder where the thyroid gland is stimulated with antibodies to produce excessive thyroid hormone. Pediatrics experts state that it can develop at any time and the first sign is excess energy, which may make detection more difficult in children. Rapid growth, combined with weight loss, tremors and diarrhea, are another symptom. You can treat this condition with medicines and other medications.

In Hashimoto’s disease, the thyroid is attacked by the immune system. The symptoms of this includes lethargy, dry skin, constipation and inability to concentrate. Pediatricians warn this is much more severe, as it requires a lifetime of thyroid hormone replacement. However, it can also be treated effectively. You’ll need a pediatric specialist from Gastonia Pediatrics to explain how much hormone is needed.

Finding a reliable pediatric in Gastonia, NC

The best time to find a pediatrics professional in your area is when you have a perfectly healthy child, you are in no rush, and can afford to spend time finding the best. Gastonia Pediatric Associates is a conveniently located pediatric clinic within the Charlotte NC area.

It is one of the earliest medical practices for children in this region and is privately owned and operated. They provide medical advice to parents 24 hours a day and have offered personalized service to over three generations of families. For any more advice on thyroid problems in children, call Gastonia Pediatric Associates office to schedule a pediatric appointment.