Pediatrics help and children on the spectrum

Part of modern pediatrics is helping children with autism. Diagnoses of children with autism have been rising for years. Many suspect that three things are happening at once — doctors are getting better at recognizing autism, the definition of the autism spectrum is expanding to include other conditions, and the actual percentage of children with autism is rising. All pediatrics professionals can expect to care for at least one child on the autism spectrum. A good pediatrics expert can either perform a diagnosis of autism or recognize the signs quickly enough to recommend a visit with a specialist in the field who could make a more certain diagnosis.

Expanding the child’s comfort zone

Most children are afraid the first time they go to a doctor, especially if they are going to get shots. The first time you bring your child to a new pediatrics clinic, you should stay with him or her in the doctor’s office — children are much braver with their parents in the room.

Children on the spectrum are often especially uncomfortable around strangers, because the sort of social rituals that govern interaction with strangers are the sort of thing they have to learn by rote, the way other children learn algebra. For a parent of one of these children, one thing that will make the experience much easier on the child is to arrange a first visit to the pediatrics clinic in which the child undergoes no medical tests, but is allowed to indulge in activities which he or she enjoys.

No two children on the spectrum ever react in precisely the same way to their surroundings. There might be one particular test, tool or sound that your child is particularly afraid of. If it’s something necessary, the best way to deal with it is through desensitization — letting him or her adjust to having it in the room, or listening to it in another room, before making him or her undergo it up close. Be sure to reinforce any sign of positive behavior.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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