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Childrens doctors announce time for flu shots

With flu season coming, it is a good time to take your children to the childrens doctor and give them their flu shots.It is not only the health of your children that is at stake, but the health and safety of everyone they come into contact with, including older people with weaker and compromised immune systems.

The CDC recommends annual flu shots for any child over six months, and also recommends you have this taken care of by the end of October.You might be able to get this done at the pharmacy, but not all pharmacies will provide vaccines to anyone under 18 years of age. And a Gastonia, NC childrens doctor will be better at putting your children at ease through the process.

You can get flu shots at the same time as other shots, but the shots cannot all be given in the same part of the body. Vaccines are now available for children who suffer from egg allergies, but here again it is a good idea for the process to be monitored by a childrens doctor in case of severe allergic symptoms.

Yes, this is safe

Children cannot get the flu from flu vaccine, because the virus has been killed. However, some do experience brief periods of head and muscle aches, nausea, chills and sleepiness after the shot. Very small children will in some cases have a mild fever within a day of getting a shot.

None of this is as bad as a real case of the flu. Remember that thousands of children are hospitalized every year due to influenza, causing suffering for children and difficulties for parents trying to balance work and care for their families. Children with asthma, diabetes or other chronic conditions are particularly vulnerable to complications. Since there are multiple strains of influenza out there, a flu shot is not a guarantee, but it is about 60 percent effective and may result in a milder form of the flu even if it fails. Childrens doctors agree it is your best defense. Studies show that encouraging parents to vaccinate their children against the flu results in a significant drop in emergency room visits from children with flu symptoms.

A childrens clinic in Gastonia, NC

Gastonia Pediatric Associates is a childrens clinic conveniently located west of Charlotte.It is one of the first medical practices for children in the Gastonia area, has served three generations of families with personalized care and offers medical advice for parents 24 hours a day. Its staff includes three physicians and three nursing staff. Gastonia Pediatrics is owned and directed by its own physicians. If you need a childrens doctor, call today.