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Children’s doctor can help explain vaccinations. For the moment, we are going to assume you fully intend to take your baby to the childrens doctor and get him or her vaccinated on schedule. However, you are probably not looking forward to this, because of the reactions your baby is likely to have to the process.The most important thing is to remain calm. Even babies can tell when you are worried or agitated, and when you are relaxed.Staying calm and cheerful will be all the more effective, because a baby has no reason to recognize or be afraid of the office of a childrens doctor other than your own reactions. Come prepared with a toy or blanket, particularly something your baby often uses for comfort. Your baby will need comfort and praise after the shot.

After a shot, you may notice redness, soreness or swelling. This is usually not a problem and will go away on its own, but a cool washcloth on the spot may ease the discomfort. There may also be a light fever. A cool sponge bath will help with this.

Be sure to keep records of which shots your child has already received and when, especially if you are seeing more than one childrens doctor. If your children are old enough to understand what is happening, it is important to explain everything to them freely and openly. Let them know that it will sting just a little, but not for long, and that it will help them stay healthy.

Speaking of which…

There is an awful lot of misinformation about vaccines clogging the Internet. The facts are that all vaccines are tested for safety and effectiveness,and are effective for 85% to 95% of children. Although a layperson may look at the vaccine schedule and conclude that this is a lot to do to the immune system of a baby in a short time, during that time your baby will get far more immune system stimulation from the ordinary bacteria he or she encounters every day. Be sure to ask your childrens doctor any questions you may have regarding what diseases are being vaccinated against, as well as the safety of the vaccines themselves.

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