Do you have a new member of your Gastonia NC family and worry about their sleep patterns?

Pediatrics will cover any number of areas of children’s lives. For the new parents, one of the most common concerns is the way their newborns sleep. It may be worrisome if this is their first child, because everything is new for them.

If you’re a first-time parent, read on and you can follow these tips prior to visiting your local pediatric clinic.

How should babies sleep in Gastonia NC?

Newborns are able to sleep as much as eighteen hours in twenty-four hours. The six waking hours will not occur all at the same time. Awake infants form several periods of one or two hours. Parents must not mistakenly try to keep their child up any longer during the day. It is a myth that helps them sleep through the night better.

At about two months of age, infants begin taking longer naps, albeit less frequently. The one thing to remember is if you have too much activity, human interaction, or noise stimulation.  Babies feign sleep to rest their brains. Babies do not enjoy doing this, and parents shouldn’t be shocked when their baby becomes irritable afterwards.

Pediatrics sleep recommendations for babies

One question new Gastonia NC parents pose is how to assure their babies sleep safely. Second of all, it is safe for toys to be left in their crib during sleep. Pediatricians advise babies always sleep on their backs.

This has to be on a firm mattress, and for starters, in the same bedroom as their parents. Babies may be covered in blankets, and two fingers have to fit between the blanket and the baby’s chest to be sure they are not overly tight. Gastonia Pediatrics can educate parents on how to fold blankets correctly. Loose-fitting blankets are not recommended, and until babies who are older, fluffy dolls or the like are kept out of the baby’s crib.

Around the clock response from local pediatrics clinics in Gastonia NC

Pediatric clinics ideally should be convenient from home or the office. In other words, there is no need to travel too far to visit. An exemplary pediatric clinic will have office hours that accommodate parents’ working hours. A pediatric clinic, which offers some services 24 hours a day, is even better.

The most accommodating pediatric clinics will be able to offer personalized services. If you need assistance at any time of the day, or you want to take your child to meet their pediatrician, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates to schedule an appointment.

No matter if you are seeking a kid’s doctor, or just want advice from pediatrics professionals, the helpful staff will guide you through all you need to know about your child’s sleeping habits as they grow.