What happens if my child shows signs of a reaction?

Pediatrics and all the included pediatricians are there to help children through their first years. However, as much as a kid’s doctor in Gastonia, NC sees children as they grow, there are times when parents may begin to worry as their child starts to show signs of infections or what turns out to be an allergy.

With children staying indoors so much, there can be many differences in recent living conditions, which expose children to different things.  Read on to find out what can be nothing more than an allergic reaction to food than something more severe can.

Pediatrics know too well what allergies look like

Many parents can become perplexed when their children begin showing symptoms of something that turns out to be an allergy.

You can find seasonal allergies where pollen is abundant in the air. Once this allergy is triggered, it begins stimulating the mast cells, which release histamine. Symptoms include rashes, nausea, congestion, wheezing coughs, and possibly low blood pressure. It is easy to see why parents panic. While pollen can trigger these, with so much time indoors, the exposure to carpet dust can trigger similar symptoms if they are highly allergic.

Food allergies can sneak in, and need a Gastonia, NC clinic visit

Many parents consider their child is allergic to something completely unrelated to food. Gastonia Pediatrics and the pediatrician who knows the child will see many children who only suffer from a bad diaper rash, or because their child has lactose intolerance. None of them is a food allergy.

Common food allergies come from wheat, soy, eggs, and cow’s milk. While they decrease with the age of the child, there may be greater exposure to these allergies if the pantry sees a decrease in regular food consumed, and children need to eat foods they don’t typically consume.

Gastonia, NC pediatrics treat Anaphylaxis on rare occasions  

With younger children who are home more than usual, they may find food lying around and decide to see what it tastes like. If they are highly allergic to something such as shellfish or nuts, the worst case could be Anaphylaxis.

A reaction such as this occurs when a child faces exposure to these allergens. They can affect more than one part of the body. All the symptoms can include the above, and the result is the loss of consciousness. This is the worst case, and your child does need pediatrics specialists to help.

Anaphylaxis can happen where children don’t suffer hard to breathe or vomit. This can make it difficult for parents to understand their child has a food allergy and isn’t showing signs of things such as the flu or a cold.

Gastonia, NC pediatric clinics are there to offer assistance

If you see your child is showing any harsh symptoms that don’t appear to be reducing, you may need to take your child to your local pediatrics clinic.

However, it is far more advisable to contact the office beforehand for any advice. Gastonia Pediatric Associates and the staff are there to help whenever you need them. It may be you have nothing to worry about, and your child has an allergy to carpet dust, or they may have eaten something that causes a reaction.