Do you know the things that are hazardous to kids?

Pediatric practice is a practice all parents can follow. While they do their utmost to protect their children, a few things are often overlooked. Children, mostly very young toddlers, can become a very real problem. They like to explore all their surroundings and frequently have the urge to stick things in their mouths.

Therefore, anything they get their hands on, they are curious as to what it is and what it actually tastes like. This may seem cute to some folks, but there are a few health risks. These risks may include asphyxiation by infection, and exposure to a number of other illnesses.

Since this is already the case, this is the Gastonia NC pediatrician’s outlook on what can be dangerous.

A pediatric practice will say toothpaste is only for cleaning

Virtually all tubes of toothpaste are supplied with warnings for using just the size of a pea. This is only when you brush your teeth. These are not written without good reason, since too much toothpaste that is swallowed, and fluoride in particular, may lead to severe cramping of the stomach in toddlers.

Other than this, it can cause intestinal blockages and heart attacks.  For this reason, ensure your child is never left alone to brush; this is excellent bit of Gastonia NC pediatric practice advice.

Medication that is accessible in a Gastonia NC home

Certain medications, however harmless to adults, may threaten a toddler. These include iron supplements, painkillers, and cough medicines.

Mouthwash may be good for keeping your toddler’s breath fresh, but swallowing just five ounces or more may result in convulsions and brain damage. At worst, this can lead to children slipping into a coma. Be aware that most mouth rinses are filled with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

An overdose of any of these products can lead to nausea, vomiting, and at worst, some internal bleeding, these will necessitate a trip to your local pediatric practice.

Gastonia NC pediatricians can help with the solution

Being cautious and ensuring small items are out of children’s reach is the best way to avoid these problems.

Keeping a watchful eye on young children is essential, and remember that as soon as you take your eyes off them, you probably don’t realize that they have already placed a small, dangerous thing into their mouths.

For more information about dangerous things around the home, it’s best to contact your local pediatric practice, Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and schedule a quick meeting. The handy personnel are well aware of what children are going to do while they are not being supervised.