How to know of mental health issues in children

A pediatrician has enough training to detect certain things during a child’s development.

While they may not be as clear-cut as some illnesses, they know what to look for. There may be unexplained changes in a child’s behavior, failure to feed, or weight loss. Children may also resort to excessive anger or drinking or drugs when they grow up to fight anxiety.

Your child’s doctor in Gastonia, NC will know that all children develop at different rates, but if they are not reaching certain milestones, this may raise questions. Pediatricians can detect these disorders in children as young as 6-12 months of age. You can learn more about mental health issues, and how it affects children and parents.

Warning signs Gastonia, NC parents should look out for

There are several warning signs that both mom and dad may notice in their children, which may be early signs that their child has or is leading to a mental health problem. If you detect any of them, you can discuss them with a pediatrician at Gastonia Pediatrics.

  • Personality changes, including aggression and excessive temper
  • A decline in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Excessive sleep that may show signs of depression or substance abuse
  • The sudden and drastic decrease in school performance
  • Loss of weight and diminished appetite, which may be an eating disorder
  • Reluctance or lack of interest in favorite hobbies

A pediatrician and mental issues or autism in children 

Autism is a complex developmental, mental disorder that affects social skills, not enjoying playing, learning, and communicating. Individual cases of autism fall between mild to severe. Some circumstances may increase a child’s risk of developing autism.

A prime example is that if there is a brother or sister with autism or mental health issue, the risk increases by 20% of being diagnosed with a disorder. Other risks, such as premature birth, birth complications, and low birth weight, can be decisive factors.

Gastonia Pediatrics’ pediatrician awareness may notice such things very early during their first visits when a child is 6-12 months old. Parents should pay attention if their baby reacts to social cues and their surroundings.

In the first 12-months, babies babble, but babies that show signs of autism rarely communicate through regular sounds or gestures.

Finding a kid’s doctor in Gastonia, NC, who knows my child?

If there is any suspicion of autism or mental disorder in a child, and your local pediatrician does not yet know. It may then be the best time to take your child to the local pediatric practice; this may be better if you are new to the area.

Even with a past medical history, the pediatrician will examine and discuss any potential developmental concerns he or she notices after an exam.

It’s never too early to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates so they can begin your child’s treatment plan. The effects can’t always be reversed, but they will do what’s best for your child. No matter what time, 24/7, they are available to help make the symptoms of autism and mental health more manageable for the parents and the child who is suffering.