Pediatricians in Gastonia have over the years continued to provide reliable health services to families in and around the area. As much as the pediatricians are available for consultation around the clock, they also have a series of videos accessible on their website to demonstrate some common dos and don’ts to parents. Think about a first-time parent who thinks their child is running a fever. They have a thermometer at home to help them in this exact situation. But what if they are not sure of where to place the thermometer for the most accurate reading?

These helpful kids’ doctors have thought about some of these situations that are likely to come up at home and put together a collection of videos to help parents get through them. These video demonstrations include ways in which one can properly administer medicine to their children. It’s not uncommon for children to refuse to take their medication. When this happens, as a parent you may become easily frustrated especially since the child needs the medication to feel better.

In addition to the administration of medicine, these videos also contain information on how to use equipment such as Epi-Pens and inhalers. They also have information on how to manage flu and nose blockage especially in toddlers and how to use nasal sprays correctly.

The whole point of these videos is so that parents can get information that is easy to digest when they need it, without necessarily coming into the clinic. This information is important in these times when the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and one way to minimize the chances of spreading is by staying at home.

Top pediatricians for round the clock information in Gastonia

While the video demonstrations and informational material on their website are a nice touch, Gastonia pediatricians at Gastonia Pediatric Associates are available round the clock to answer parents’ questions and concerns. These pediatricians remain to be the biggest resource for information on child healthcare. This is very important because every parent or caregiver wants to know that their kid’s doctor can be relied on to provide information whenever it’s needed.

These knowledgeable pediatricians will address all your questions and concerns and schedule an appointment in case you need an in-person consult. These consults are also scheduled to control foot traffic going into the clinic and ensure all precautions are taken to protect you and your family from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offer top quality pediatric care.