Pediatricians in Gastonia NC understand how confusing and challenging it can be for a parent when their normally happy child becomes cranky and uncomfortable. It is hard to especially tell what the exact problem is, and it’s important you call in a pediatrician, however, some clues can help you determine whether your baby is just teething and does not have a serious illness.

Clues that help you know your child is teething

Pediatricians, through extensive study, have brought the following clues, and so many others, that can help a parent determine whether the child is teething or sick. Fussiness is one of the clues that your baby might be teething. If they become crankier than usual or want to be held more, it might be a sign that your baby is teething as has been observed in about two-thirds of babies who are teething.

Another clue is excessive slobber. Your child might start drooling every time. This is normal because teeth are being pushed outward, however, the excess saliva could cause rashes. Another clue is that your baby might start gnawing on things and sometimes experience gum irritation.

However, as a parent, if you feel, your baby is displaying symptoms that seem too severe to be just a teething issue, it’s necessary to call in a pediatrician.

Importance of pediatricians in children’s teething sickness

A pediatrician is needed if your baby gets fussy beyond control. Pain is expected during teething, but just mild pain, so if your baby displays excess discomfort, a pediatrician should be invited.

Another symptom that requires the skills of a pediatrician when you don’t know whether your baby is sick or just teething is if your baby starts running a high fever of about 100.4 or above. This is an indication of likely infection. Pediatricians can have all these symptoms evaluated as soon as possible to avoid harsh complications. As a parent, if you are in serious doubt or debate about the health status of your child, then it’s best to call in a pediatrician and rather be safe than sorry.

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