Pediatricians in Gastonia NC acknowledge that for parents, particularly those who are new to parenting, the winter months may be a stressful time as they try to figure out how to keep their children safe from becoming sick. The younger your kid is, the greater the likelihood that flu season will be a source of worry. We all don’t want our children to be ill, yet it seems that getting sick with anything may be unavoidable. Despite this, anybody can help improve their chances of remaining healthy through the worst of the flu season if they have the proper tools. The following are some recommendations from pediatricians:

Keep your hands washed regularly

Pediatricians always advise parents to wash their children’s hands so flu can be combatted. Always remind your child to wash their hands before eating or touching anything. This is your best first line of defense. They should wash their hands as often as they can particularly before snacks or meals. After they have played outdoors or with other children or handled community items such as at a grocery store, they need to wash as well. When they wash, make sure they use enough soap and water and that they wash for at least 20 seconds.

Flu prevention

Pediatricians advise that to prevent your kid from getting the flu, ensure that the kids get flu shots. Children from infancy to 4 years are under a high-risk category for the flu. Unfortunately, children under six months can’t receive the vaccine. For children older than six months, however, you certainly should see about having them vaccinated.

Also, avoid large gatherings. It is possible that if one person with the flu coughs among a big group of others, the illness will spread quite rapidly. If you have to spend a lengthy amount of time in a crowd with your kid, try to pay attention to anybody who may sneeze or cough while you’re there.

Pediatricians recommend that another easy approach for preventing your kid from contracting the flu is to have everyone cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze or cough, regardless of age. Children, in particular, must acquire and practice this skill from an early age. So many times during the day, we may sneeze or cough without giving it a second thought as to what viruses we might be spreading. However, even if we do not infect others with illness when we sneeze or cough, we should exercise excellent protection and behave as though we might.

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