Pediatricians are on standby to respond to injuries that children may suffer, whether minor or major. They are dedicated to taking care of your child’s injuries and making sure that the child recovers completely.   Gastonia children’s doctors have, in the course of practicing medicine, managed to help families get to access to different types of medical care including treatment of injuries. Injuries in children are often unavoidable and can occur at any time, especially when you least expect it.

How injuries happen

Every person has that story where they climbed over something as a child, fell and got a bruise, or tripped over something and was injured. No one that learned how to ride a bicycle as a child can say they have never suffered an injury as a child. Injuries in children range from minor cuts and bruises arising from running around while playing to scalds from grabbing hot, and major injuries that include broken bones.

As a parent, the chances of your child going through their developmental stages without getting injuries are very minimal. Injury causing accidents especially occur in children that are learning to walk. No matter how much baby proofing you do around the house, at least one of their many falls as they try to get from point A to B will likely result in an injury. This is why you need to have a reliable pediatrician on standby to provide much-needed care where necessary.

What to do when your child has an injury

As a parent, your first instinct when your child has an injury is to take away their pain.  If the injury is minor- maybe you can just clean it and slap a band-aid on it.  If the wound looks deeper, then it’s important to consult pediatricians to make sure your child doesn’t need stitches, or a tetanus shot, or antibiotics.

Leading pediatricians in Gastonia for injury treatment

Gastonia Pediatric Associates in Gastonia, NC have over the years treated numerous families in the area. Their team of well-trained and experienced kid’s doctors is committed not only to providing quality healthcare in the ongoing pandemic but also to minimize the risk of exposure to their patients to the COVID-19 virus.

They have set aside a location to cater to infectious diseases and are regulating the walk-in patients to minimize the risk of exposure to their patients. They take your health seriously and are available round the clock to help you which is why you should give them a call as soon as your child is injured to schedule a consult.  Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offer top-quality pediatric care