How do genes affect GMO foods?

A pediatrician in Gastonia NC will advise parents to make sure their children eat a healthy diet. Parents may worry about GMO foods from all the bad press they receive about them being unhealthy and in some cases dangerous.

Right at the beginning, you have genes that can be found in any living thing. It is these, which are modified to produce other plants of vegetables and fruits. The altered states of genes can be used to fight of pests and disease. If you have concerns over feeding your children GMO foods, read below for a healthy dose of information.

A Gastonia NC kid’s doctor explains GMO

Before explaining what GMO means, it is good to know that gene swapping isn’t a new thing and not something, which has come around from making crops GMO variants. In a way, every living organism is GMO modified, everyone is included you, your parents, your kids, and every pediatrician in Gastonia Pediatrics.

GMO stands for a genetically modified organism. Nowadays, it means a food, which has been modified by the change of one or more of its genes. It is the method of obtaining the better of one species and splicing it onto the best of another. This when put into action is far more successful than selective breeding; this in itself is a way of forcing GMO modification.

What foods can you find which are GMO modified?

Parents may not be aware what foods are available; however, a local Gastonia NC pediatrician will know what these are. In the USA, some of the most common are sugar beets, soybeans, canola and corn. This just the tip, and there are many more crop varieties that have been modified. You can even find a GMO salmon, which was approved back in 2015.

What are the benefits of GMO foods?

One of the most significant benefits is the resistance to weed killer. These crops are hard and allow farmers to use herbicides which can be broken down quickly, and isn’t as toxic to the local waterways. The problem is, many weeds are naturally becoming more resilient themselves.

Insecticides are another key area. This allows plants to create their own insecticide. Without just controlling pests, it saves on labor and cuts down costs.

One area, which parents may need to learn from their local pediatrician, is that some foods deliver more nutrition when they are GMO. Golden rice being a good example that is packed with beta-carotene. This benefits children in under developed countries.

Are there other benefits a pediatrician will say are healthy?

Increased yields and longer lasting fruits. Some apples last longer before they go brown, so this can be a good way to make kids eat more fruit.

Will Gastonia NC kid’s doctors recommend GMO foods?

A pediatrician will want children to eat the healthiest foods possible. While GMO foods in some people’s eyes are bad, it can be hard to know which GMO are and which aren’t. Parents who have concern over what they are feeding their children can ask the professionals.

If you want to speak to find out more, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and the staff will be happy to go through all the evidence they know regarding this kind of food.